How do I switch or cancel my subscription?

[Please note: we are not associated with the Just Move Athletic Clubs in Florida. If you have a membership there, contact them directly here:]

It's very easy to cancel your subscription, or switch between monthly and annual subscriptions. There is no fee for canceling or switching your subscription, and you can cancel at any time. From the My Account page, click on My Subscription:

Screen-Shot-2021-05-30-at-12-10-48-PM.pngClicking on My Subscription will bring you to a page where you can see information about your subscription, including when you signed up, and when your account is scheduled to auto-renew.

Click on Switch Membership Type to change to an annual or monthly membership -- you will be charged your renewal fee on your next payment date. 

Clicking on Cancel will make it so that you are not auto-renewed at the Next Payment Date, but you will continue to have access until then unless you ask for a refund. If you are interested in a refund, please email us at

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