What level of fitness do I need for these classes?

Beginner workouts

Kaisa’s beginner programs are START Mobility, START Sweat, and START Strong. These workouts were designed people who've been inactive for a while, or who have sensitive joints or chronic conditions, and need a more accessible and gentler routine. If you're completely new to movement, recovering from an injury, or just jumping back in, these are the movement routines for you. 

Mobility One is Kaisa's foundational mobility routine. It's a great recovery routine for people who are already active, but also suitable as a warm-up or cool-down, or just a way to show your body some love. It does require the ability to put pressure on your wrists, shoulders, and knees, and to get up and down from the floor. (If these are difficult for you, check out START Mobility instead!)

Intermediate workouts

Kaisa's intermediate classes are suitable for people who already have a fitness routine, or who are looking for something more challenging than our beginner workouts. They include Mobility Strength, Mobility Core, Mobility Cardio, the Bodyweight Workout Pack, and the Living Room Series.

High-intensity workouts

Best suited for people looking for a high-energy challenge. Our high-intensity workouts include the 20/20 Challenge and parts of the Team Workout Series.

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